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Reconstruction the neck of the railway station

  Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia

The client asked us to optimize the layout of the industrial railway station. The problem was that the main industrial running routes lead to the public use station, and this rail traffic blocked wagons getting to and from the workshop. That significantly hampered the functioning of the industrial railway station.

An increase in the volume of shunting work and the formation of large trains of coaches for route shipments led to an increase in the turnover of wagons and an increase in the stand-by time of wagons on the railway tracks. It was clear that any down-time wagons costs money, and inability to supply wagons to the shop slows down the pace of production in general.

To solve this problem, we reconstructed the neck of the railway station, built additional railroad tracks for the formation of routes and the sagging of the wagons.

The main problem in the implementation of the project was a section of the railway track under the overpass with communications that could not be carried, but it was necessary to observe the dimensions of the rolling stock.

All this allowed to reduce the time for the formation of route shipments due to the reduction of additional shunting work, to process the loading fronts and the selection of wagons during the formation of route shipments, to create a road development reserve for mastering prospective plans for shipment of finished products.

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August, 2015


Master designing



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Creation a road development reserve for mastering prospective plans