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We are an expert in engineering project design, specialising in transport construction. We provide a comprehensive project design service. Our designs create efficient infrastructure that provide solutions that saves time and money for our clients.

Rail Track Design Services

We are happy to offer you:

  • As well as offering a service from survey to permission for construction. we can also offer technical documentation for existing infrastructure;
  • All-round consulting service which includes evaluation of railway station efficiency, cost-effective management, practical work techniques;
  • Proficient and client-centred approach;
  • Up-to date management techniques;
  • Your success is our success. Our reputation has been built on providing successful solutions;
  • Well-organized and well–equipped team that meets your deadlines.

Rail Track Design Services

Our team of engineers are ready to assist you at every step of infrastructure design:

  • Rail track design;
  • Overhead system design;
  • Signals and interlocking design;
  • Bridge and tunnels design;
  • Design of station-houses, passenger platforms and other infrastructure facilities;
  • Locomotive and car shed design;
  • Work techniques optimization and gridiron systems improvement;
  • Inspection of rail track, bridges and tunnels.

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